Use Cases are developed upon human behavior, not on what the user thinks, feels, or believes.

Before I go ahead with the explanation of What are the Use Cases? you may need to know, Who are the Actors? What is Use Case? or Goals? Though it sounds simple, I prefer to recollect:

  • Actor -> Role, that are played by any Human or External System
  • Use case or Behavior -> Behavior of the system.
  • Goals -> Represent specific functionality required of the software system

If you understand above points – Use Cases are nothing more than identifying/describing “interactions between a Actor and a system” or “WHAT the System does to achieve a goal”.

Use Cases describes system’s behavior under various conditions as it responds to requests by the users. Essentially, it provides an easy-to-understand representation of the functional requirements for a final product/system.

Use Cases can be captured from Business prospective and they are called Business Use Case, they describe business flows; they determine who is the source of the information and who is the target. A Use Case collects the various scenarios that can happen within the software system. Use Cases can be drafted in text form or diagrams,

In simple terms Use Cases represent requirements describing WHAT is the behavior of the product to achieve the goal for an actor or refer to the following points for better understanding, which explains relation between the Business Requirement, Functional Requirement and Use Cases.

  • The business requirement is something needed by the business in near future (Final Product)
  • Functional requirement describes, what is needed for the business requirement.
  • Use cases, use “actors” to outline the behavioral steps used to achieve the desired outcome.
    • e.g: How does System behaves when Banker (Actor) is trying to update “Member information”
    • e.g: How does System behaves, if Banker (Actor) is trying to “validate Member information”

Good Luck Folks! if you have any questions you can post in the comments!


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