Agile Product Owner

The Product Owner is responsible for the success of the product and its return on investment (ROI), and should therefore determine a Product Vision that sets the direction and guides the whole Scrum Team.

In order to determine the Product Vision, the Product Owner should consider the following questions:

  1. Who is going to use the product? Who is the target customer?
  2. Which customer needs will be addressed by the product?
  3. Which product attributes are critical to satisfy the needs selected, and therefore for the success of the product?
  4. How does the product compare against existing products, both from competitors and the same company?
  5. What is the target timeframe and budget to develop and launch the product?

“The minimum plan necessary to start a Scrum project consists of a vision and a Product Backlog. The vision describes why the project is being undertaken and what the desired end state is.

Sometimes the Product Owner may not be fully knowledgeable for all the business aspects that pertain to a product. In that case, it is expected that other business stakeholders should provide inputs to support the Product Owner in order to build a consistent Product Vision.

Establish Business Objectives:

The Product Owner is responsible to document the business objective. Objectives must be transparent to everyone and are typically in the form of the product backlog. The Scrum Team works together to define the objectives, but the Product Owner is the focal point for managing objectives.

Objectives have the following characteristics:

  1. Objectives need refinement. Objectives can’t be written at one time. Thus, user story writing workshops and product backlog refinement events take place.
  2. Objectives need to be broken down. Epics are split into stories. Stories are split into tasks. The product backlog is split into a series of sprint backlogs. The sprint backlog is the output of sprint planning.
  3. Objectives need be verified. The product increment is the implementation of the sprint goal and the Definition of Done. All of these are verified in the Sprint Review.

Follow the link, if you want to know how to “Create Product Backlog“

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