Iterative, Increment & Sprint

I know most of the BA folks are getting confused with Iterative, Increment & Sprint and their differences, to be honest if you watch closely all three are next to each other and they are like friends.

In other words, they are implemented in Agile methodology as they needed. I tried to make simple statements instead of huge explanations just to make you understand. Comment if you have any questions. 

  • Iterative is a process, where teams plan to revisit the requirements of the final application in order to revise and improve them
  • Incremental process or development; In this approach  where different modules or requirements of the application are developed at various phases, and are integrated based on their completion.

Eventually, one thing is common, Iterative and incremental software development is a method of software development that is modeled around a gradual increase in feature additions.

Iterative and incremental development are key practices in Agile development.

  • Sprint is an iterative AND incremental delivery approach – Sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review, but many teams prefer shorter sprints, such as one-week, two-week, or three-week sprints; in other words short-term goals.
  • Mostly sprints are used in the Scrum method of agile software development, work is confined to a regular, repeatable work cycle, known as a sprint.
  • During the sprint, we may also have daily standup meeting which gives teams a chance to update project status, discuss solutions to challenges, and broadcast progress to the Business Stakeholders.

Common terms you may come across when Sprint process is implemented: Sprint Backlog and Product backlog.

  • Product Backlog is the amount of work, the team has accepted to accomplish as first release. This is the first session of the Sprint Planning.
  • The Sprint Backlog consists of the necessary tasks to complete to release the Selected Product Backlog.
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