Project Manger Key Deliverables

The Project Manager is a key stakeholder authorized to manage the day-to-day activities and deliverables of the project. Every project names a single individual as the Project Manager who demonstrates knowledge in the following areas; cost, scheduling, risk and issue management, and project reporting.

Project Manager is responsible for resolving conflicts and applying management skills including communication, motivation, negotiation, and leadership throughout the project lifecycle and here are the Key Deliverables:

  • Work with the Project Team to develop and create the Project Charter
  • Responsible for developing Project Schedule with the coordination of Project Team.
  • Create: Project Change Management Plan; Project Change Request log and forms;
  • Issue & Risk Log(s); an accurate reflection of the project in a Monthly Project Status
  • Report; Project Transition & Closure Report, Lessons Learned
  • Update Project Repository with all project documents within the document management system.
  • Track project Forecasted Budget and provide quarterly spending reforecasting
  • Prepare and present project phase gate reviews up to closing

Here is the sample project, where you can analyze: 

Project is to build a Customer Service Solution System to support the Customer Service department to avail any information related an account at any point of time to satisfy any customer queries. Existing legacy system is not capable of providing detailed customer information and it end up transferring any queries to the respective departments or respective SME’s which handle the specific function or process. This has resulted customer dissatisfaction by putting them through different intermediaries which consumes time and hold their calls for a reasonable duration and there was no good tracking system which can follow up any customer request that cannot be fulfilled The corporation was incurring a huge expense due to the volume of calls on hold and not being capable of satisfying any queries at the first point of customer service interaction interface without being transferred to their intermediaries. The cost of labor in deploying human resources and variable cost associated in various units seems to be increasing considerably due to lack of adequate information at a single platform.

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