Agile Product Owner

The Product Owner is responsible for the success of the product and its return on investment (ROI), and should therefore determine a Product Vision that sets the direction and guides the whole Scrum Team.

Triage Meeting

Meeting conducted by QA lead, Project Manager & Product Manager for any project in which open bugs are divided into categories can be known as Triage Meetings. The objective of the meeting is to prioritize and track the defects to be addressed, ensuring timely and accurate resolution.

Iterative, Increment & Sprint

I know most of the BA folks are getting confused with Iterative, Increment & Sprint and their differences, to be honest if you watch closely all three are next to each other and they are like friends. In other words, they are implemented in Agile methodology as they needed.

How to make sure, your user stories are relevant

How to make sure your user stories are relevant, we’re going to talk about why relevant user stories are so important, when you are playing BA role.

Business Analyst Vs System Analyst

Many people are under the impression that a business analyst’s only role is to be a liaison or bridge between the business and the development teams. That statement is true only to some extent: Business analysts are not a bridge, they build a bridge. However, their role changes from project to project.

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