3 words to Change your attitude

Words can change your brain & your attitude to approach to any problems

Based on the PROBLEMS in our daily duties… Business Analysts must be very smart enough to choose their words among the group of people (it could be be in the meeting rooms or conference or workshops).

Change of your language & the way you think of problem will determines your attitudes and approach as well. I personally consider three words will Change your attitude & the approach to any problems or difficulties you face

  • Problem to Situation – Problem is a negative word that triggers feeling and anxiety; where as “Situation” is a neutral word. So Instead of saying “We have a problem” you can say “We have a situation”, which will not create a panic in the room, however it tries bring out more ideas towards the solutions.
  • Problem to Challenge – If you have a problem… you can say “We have a challenge” to face. Challenge is a positive word, which helps people to show more interest to participate in the meetings and brings out more solutions.
  • Problem to Opportunity – If we have problem that means we have an opportunity to come up with. You can say “We have an opportunity”; which helps people in the meeting room to explore their knowledge towards the problem and of course all we need is the solution.

We are there to solve the problems, rather than gathering requirements. Business initiates the projects when they see the problems (alias: Requirements)

Situation, Challenge & Opportunity keeps your mind positive & Creative as you way work through it!

Good Luck! Be careful with your words

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