Problem Solving Skills

Everyday we often have to make decisions very quickly, without go through step-by-step decision making process. In these situations just remember goals and let your intuitions guide you.

Success is ability to solve the problems

  1. Define the problem very clearly, get the facts; get the real facts of the situation and is it worthwhile solving?
  2. Investigate and identify what things you should know before you try to make decision
  3. Ask, what all possible causes of the problems, how and why did it happen? Understand origin of the problem, there is a possibility solution could pop out.
  4. Generate some ideas and list them down. Come up with all possible solutions, the more possible solutions you will come up with… there is a likelihood, you could come up with more ideal solution.
  5. Analyze positives and negatives of each item on the list making your best judgment
  6. Make a decision. Any decision is better than no decision. In fact 80% of the problem will solve when they come up, only 20% of the problem need time, deliberation and extra research.
  7. Create a step-by-step action plan to begin working through the problem
  8. Assign responsibility for carrying out the decision / action plan, who exactly going to do what? when and what standard.
  9. Set a schedule to reporting and standard to measure weather or not, decision has been successful. Solution without a standard deadline is not a solution at all, it is mealy a discussion.
  10. Task yourself or ask someone to take definite action, to implement the solution and to solve the problem.

Remember Action is everything  the more you focus on the solution the smarter you become and the better solutions you come up with.

Sometime decision makings may be stressful, if you are feeling stressed with a problem, take a step back and take breathe. If decision is too difficult consult your coworker or friend for advice.

Last modified on Monday, 13 March 2017 19:21
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