Who is Systems Analyst?

System Analyst specializes in analyzing and designing information systems.

Systems analyst research the problems, plans solutions, recommends software and systems at least at the functional level and coordinates development to meet business or other requirements. Once a development has the necessary approvals from all participants, the systems analysis stage begins in this stage. System analyst examines the business problem that organizations plan to solve with an information system, he gathers information about the existing system in order to determine the requirements for an enhanced system or a new system the end product if this stage known as the deliverable is a set of system requirements.

Perhaps the most difficult task in system analysis stage is to identifying the specific requirements that the system must satisfy user requirements, which has been received from the business. When the system developers have received the user requirements from the system analyst for the new system they proceed to the system design stage, a system analyst may be familiar with a variety of programming languages operating systems and computer hardware platforms however he would not normally involved himself in the actual hardware or software development the main focus for the system analyst is to write to user requests into technical specifications.

A systems analyst is a bridge between business and information technology professionals.

Last modified on Thursday, 09 March 2017 18:01
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