Key points for your Meeting!

If I were to ask you, “describe what would an effective meeting look like to you?” what would you say? Would it end on time? Would you achieve all the objectives you set out for it? Would you finish with a collective high five and a big ‘whoop’? When was the last time you left a meeting and felt any of those things?

If you are conducting a meeting for any reason, you are the owner of the meeting and responsible for following: 

  1. Meeting Agenda
  2. Meeting Minutes
  3. Ask right questions to right people
  4. Ensure you invite key Stakeholders and Subject Mater Experts (SMEs) : If you’re having a meeting to discuss requirements with "stakeholder A", try to invite key players from "Sakeholder A" 
  5. Track all the issues, and make list of them
  6. Try to get decisions right away from the Stakeholders or request them to send out an email
  7. Don't think of other meetings, it may divert your questions
  8. And finally, try to avoid giving false promises (ex: deadlines)

Breaking down each actionable outcome into a series of smaller stepping stones can help make meetings more productive.

Last modified on Thursday, 09 March 2017 19:07
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