How to become Business Analyst

I'm getting following same questions very frequently:

- I have done MBA and how can I become a Business Analyst? or 
- I have 3-5 years of work experience, how can I move my career to Business Analyst role?

Very simple guys... I would say Business analyst is not a role, it is a skill set and a mind set. You don't necessarily study and become a business analyst. You're not going to the university to become a business analyst. 
First and foremost is curiosity. Understanding the business areas in which you work, understanding at a detailed level and how it fits within the context of an organization. 
You go and learn the skills and capabilities, but more importantly, speaking to the people, working out what they trying to achieve, when the opportunities are there, go and find them, capture the project requirements and verify them.
We are responsible to break down the ideas, needs and requirements into smaller pieces that can come together to create the big picture. We do this by identifying organizational needs, then gathering, managing and verifying the information, to create solutions for business problems.
So, continue doing what you are working on.... look for the new opportunities, the ways of doing things better, and not just raising them as a problem saying, "Hey this isn't working" but actually analyzing that information and coming up with some suggestions and options.
So, that people can actually say, "Well, that's a great idea." That's how we basically turned into a successful business analysis. 
The key element here is to ... a lot of the times, you don't necessarily study and become a business analyst.  Find the opportunities of the inefficiencies, the process gains, and those things that are real problems in organizations because I can guarantee you, managers love those types of discussions. . So as a business analyst, that's ultimately what you're trying to do.
In the world of projects, the business analyst is like the handyman. From the start of the project to the end, business analysts play a critical role in the success of projects and delivering outcomes.
Being a great Business Analyst is about helping your organization make better and more informed decisions.

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