Understanding Wireframes!

Wireframes are visual representation that show the placement of elements in a user interface and demonstrate the intended layout and functionality of a solution.

Wireframes are graphical guide which helps Stakeholders/Clients to get a better understanding of what is going to be developed and Project Manager ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page and agree on what is going to be built. Other-side, Designers rely on wireframes as blueprints for the visual design of the user interface & Developers make use of wireframes to get an understanding of the solution’s functionality and technical requirements.

Business Analysts use wireframes to visually support the business rules and interaction requirements for a screen, it helps Developers and Designers to understand Functionality & User Interface(UI) of the End Product.

It is required to understand there is a difference between wireframes & screen mockups – The purpose of Screen mockups is to build “look & feel” almost like a screenshot & wireframes focus on interaction or navigation or functionality on the screens. 

In other words…

  • Wireframes focuses on what a screen does, not what it looks like
  • What kinds of information is displayed and functionality available.
  • What are Business Rules for displaying the content & navigation paths between pages


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