Test Scenarios Vs Test Cases

Test Scenario is ‘What to be tested’ and Test Case is ‘How to be tested’.

Though Business Analyst is not responsible for constructing Test Scenarios or Test Cases, there might be possibility of assigning responsibility of validating them or assisting Testers to build them.

Test scenario is nothing but test procedure; these are set of test cases that ensure all business process flows are tested from end to end.

Test cases are derived from test scenario. The scenarios are derived from use cases.

As per my experience Test Case examines all aspects, including inputs and outputs of a system. In other words set of conditions which helps testers to confirm whether an application feature is working as expected or not; Inorder to ensure, testers must come up with at least two test cases for each requirement: one positive test and one negative test.

For e.g:

  • Scenario: Verify that Application automatically connects to the Servers, if user creates new profile.
    • Test Case 1: Create a new profile and verify that it created successfully.
    • Test Case 2: Verify that Application succeeded on connect to the Servers.

 A failure is not always a mistake. The real mistake is to stop trying.

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