Understand the Project, before start collecting Requirement

Before you start collecting requirements,

it is required to identify Scope, Business Rules make them clear , precise for realistic schedule; which helps to understand the high level requirements before making a costly decision of “what to build.” Analyze any/all the technical system requirements.

The difficulty developers will have in understanding the intent of each poorly written requirement is a strong argument for having both developers and customers review Business Requirement Documents before they are approved.

Keep sentences and paragraphs short, make them easy to read and understand. Also try to put everything I know into a single sentence. Though I am not a Author will try to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation which will decrease the probability that the reader will misinterpret what is stated and will use terms consistently and define them in a glossary.

For accuracy take an iterative and incremental approach to Business Requirement Document (BRD) development. It is not expected that the entire document be completed in one session – it may take multiple sessions to complete the 1st iteration of the document. As the project’s life-cycle progresses, changes are formally accepted as more project details are revealed necessitating additional iterations of the BRD. Hold formal and informal peer reviews of BRDs, which helps you to make the decisions eventually. And every organization has there standard templates for the Project Charter, BRD, Traceability Matrix and Request For Change documents.

These points may provide a better foundation for the project’s development, testing, and ultimate customer satisfaction. Keep in mind that without high quality requirements, their Designs would be like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get.

Last modified on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 02:52
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