Project Meetings and points to remember

Project meetings play an important part in project control, requirement gathering, project updates list goes on.

Depending on the nature and status of the project several meetings need to be held during the duration of the project. A scheme should be adopted with the project to maintain a log of the important meetings, by capturing or recording them in minutes for the future reference.

Important meetings include but not limited to:

  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Project Status Meetings
  • Project Milestones
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Scrum Sessions
  • Requirement Workshops
  • JAD Sessions
  • Issue log Meetings
  • Peer review Meetings
  • Demos & Trainings

A meeting involves several people from different teams and depending upon the type of meeting, folks will be invited. However there are various elements which are common in nearly all meetings.

Meeting Owner: The meeting owner is responsible for organizing the meeting, for managing the meeting and for communicating the results of the meeting to the appropriate people via meeting minutes.

Agenda: Every meeting should have a clear agenda and this agenda should be communicated to the participants ahead of time. It is advisable for the participants to be encouraged to contribute to the agenda, accept the agenda and most importantly prepare for the meeting.

Participants: The attendance of the right people is necessary, if the meeting will have any chance of success. The absence of a single person may impact outcome of the meaning, if this person is the decision maker or is the person who will provide critical input.

Duration: The expected duration of the meeting, is communicated to the participants, when the meeting is announced.  This is done to allow the participants to plan their activities around the meeting and for receiving feedback from the participants regarding the duration of the meeting.

Opening and closing: The meeting should begin at the indicated time and should end not later than the indicated time. The meeting owner is involved at both the opening and the closing of the meeting.

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