How do you manage Quality of the Project?

The four main parameters of the project are Cost, Time, Scope and Quality.

  • Cost can be monitored if basic double entry accounting procedures are in place.
  • Time is also readily monitored by objective project management techniques.
  • Scope can also be verified to a large extent depending on whether the deliverables are working or not.
  • Quality is the trickiest of the four main project parameters to define, monitor and evaluate, due mainly to the largely subjective nature of quality and of the quality evaluation methods.

Quality management is a continuous process due to the dynamic nature of the project.

In terms of the project environment, we define quality is the fitness for the stated purpose as agreed by the Project executives, Project Owner, the End users and eventually Project Sponsor.

Steps involved to manage the Quality:

  1. Quality Issue Identification
  2. Quality issue assessment
  3. Quality issue analysis and evaluation
  4. Decide on action to deal with the quality issue
  5. Mange Quality issue
  6. Document quality issue (Closed or active)

When the quality issue is active, it is necessary to keep up to date, all the information necessary to mange the quality. This information includes the original author of the potential issue, the date that the issue was reported, the person who identified the issue, the current owner of the  issue, the issue description, the expected impact of the issue. The information on the  issue should be available to anyone who can benefit from it.

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