Good Boss Vs Bad Boss ;)

Do you want to become a Good Boss or Bad Boss?

A manager is an assistant to his men.

Few Managers are professional enough to collaborate with teammates or subordinates; few others are NUTS. Basically, we come across these two types: Trouble Makers and Trouble Shooters.

Troublemaker… I guess everyone can assume who is troublemaker… the one who loves Micro management and keeps on asking what are you doing now? And next? What is your next task? or gives you very minimal time to complete your task, or even keeps forgetting what task he has assigned to you? Sometimes screams at you & never allow you to talk during other meetings or if you try to provide any recommendations or solutions, he may feel offensive and never allows to accepts your proposals or processes. Ummmm, I am tired. The list may grow.

One more thing guys, don’t assume he is putting more pressure, just because he hates you… I don’t think so, sometimes it may happen but not all the times though. It might be other way round; your manager’s Boss may give them tough time, and to save their A….. they may put lot of pressure on subordinates. During these kind of situations, I mean if you are getting lot of pressures from your Manager, I recommend to email all your project Team Leads with task updates. This helps your career growth by direct interaction with them and talent recognition.

If you want to become Good Manger you should be a Trouble Shooter, where you should be prepared to answer all unknown questions, open to all responsibilities, you need to Set an Example, Never Shy to any Failures, more importantly you should bear the criticism & last but not the least recognize others time and build the relationships.Troubleshooters are responsible Manager assigns responsibilities and asks for completion with reasonable deadline and never interferes in between. Obviously there can be tremendous work pressure and challenges can be pretty high, but at the end you feel rewarded.

Just categorize yourself and try to be Good Manger :)


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