Being a Good Manager…

Management is nothing more than encouraging, appreciating & motivating.

If you want to be great Manager, you need to strengthen your communication, planning and organizing skills, which can effectively resolve conflicts, and more. Also it is required to build your management skills which helps to mentor or motivate other team mates or subordinates. It is not enough that people are motivated to succeed at work. We have to work together as a team to accomplish the group’s objective. And be aware of how other managers and study them, as you need to choose those behaviors you admire and work to emulate them. Look at the behaviors you don’t like and make sure they don’t become part of your repertoire. ?

If you want to become Recognized Manger: you should  be  prepared to answer all unknown questions, open to all responsibilities, you need to Set an Example, Never Shy to any Failures, more importantly should bear the criticism, required to build the relationships whenever it is possible last but not the least recognize others time.

You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself.

There are distinct differences between Managers and Leaders, few points which can help you for being a better leader:

  • Strengthen Your People Skills,
  • Motivate and Inspire Others to Achieve
  • Be Authentic and Genuine
  • Resolve Difficult Situations
  • Will either find a way, or make one.
  • & have a Clear Vision.

Don’t focus so hard on your people that you forget about yourself. Identify the areas in which you are weak and improve them. And whenever you get chance try to read about leadership and then practice those things that make you a better leader. One of the most valuable things you can do is connect with a mentor, a champion, a sponsor—someone who will not only provide you with coaching and advice but who will also advocate for you.

If you are not manager yet, and planning to become; let right people know that you want to be a manager and your career goal is to be a manger will significantly increase the likelihood that your name will come up in discussion when openings need to be filled.Good Luck! :)

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