People around you! Are you one of the wannabes?

Wannabes must invest in building networks and goodwill, as much as growing their talent. Without doing that, wannabes will only prove how much frustration and failure they can endure.

Wannabes are the ones who have ability, but never realize their potential.

We have “n” number of wannabes around you, just to make you understand I came up with few wannabes to make you understand people around you, at work location.

  1. First in the list are the Folks, who always think success will come without any hard work or, who don’t have clear goals; &  wonder why no one ever notices them.
  2. One of the greatest wannabes are, who Always Compare to others, like, how come others are getting emails, not me?, how are they able to finish the task quicker than me? how come they invited to meetings? are they better than me? might be yes. And they might be as good as others tooo, if stop comparing and start studying, experimenting, revising, inventing, and persevering. Wannabes compare themselves while leaders separate themselves.
  3. Some People always downsides, underestimate or Doubt, like “am I smart enough? “I don’t have leadership connections.” “What happens if I fail?” “Isn’t this life good enough?” These voices questions their abilities and may chances of becoming never be. These people don’t believe in themselves or what they want to do, when others succeed, they grow jealous & get defensive.
  4. Some folks underestimate their work, they’ll often hate what they do and question why they do it. These wannabes will have little to show for it.
  5. Next, some of them spend their days gathering information, revising, polishing, and perfecting. But they rarely put anything out into the world and eventually No Track Record.
  6. Some folks Don’t Make It a Habit of commitment, always dreaming in the meetings,  they aren’t driven to work early mornings, late nights, or weekends if necessary. They always think, things will wait for them, they claim it’s a calling and these folks always think they are defeated.
  7. There are folks who taste a little success and Stop Improving themselves and they spend less time listening, questioning, challenging, and re-evaluating.
  8. Driven By the Wrong Reasons:
  9. You can find folks who won’t ask for any help they go alone and do it their own way. Maybe they’re  proud or think they’re good to seek input. And that’s the biggest mistake they can make.
  10. Last but not the least some folks always care about others & afraid of success.
Last modified on Saturday, 18 March 2017 03:52
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